The Book Shelf is a not for profit community run library and shabby palace of wisdom. Running since 2015 we have finally got an online presence!

If you see us at an event then come and grab a book or some board games and make yourself comfy.

There are books for all ages and interests with subjects including people’s history, science, politics, comics and off grid living. From Asterix to Quantum Physics we’ve got something for your mood and attention span!

Browse the shelves or borrow our menu of reading recommendations (see recommendations page for a flavour). Books are also lent out.

Can’t sit still long enough to read? how bout checking out nits, spider skin, leaves and other miniature wonders of nature under the microscope.

Can’t focus long enough for the microscope? How about a game of table football. Library rules: no spinning.


The Book Shelf has full public liability insurance and trained first aiders.

We can be a venue for talks and can also act as an information point for your event.


Please get in touch for any reason or if you would like our library at your event. We look forward to hearing from you.



Get involved! Donate your expertise, books or time.